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Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Celebrities | 2 comments

Do you know Pampita?

Ana Carolina Ardohaín Dos Santos is a famous model in Argentina, television personality and actress. She is widely known by the nickname Pampita, a diminutive for La Pampa, the Argentine province when she was born on January 17, 1978. She was one of very few people baptized at the monastery of Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. Her mother is Brazilian.

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Beach Babe

Mirror mirror

Younger Pampita

Pampita bounces


Pampita <3

Call me


all 4s


Pampita taped up


You can follow Pampita’s twitter or see her Argentinian modeling site here. But if you need more Pampita, click here and here for more galleries.

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